Just Flow

Super Secretive Automotive Client

What was the client's objective?

We worked with the innovation team of a luxury automotive brand to come up with a gamified concept to create a routine among potential buyers of the new electric car line to share their travel and location data so they could make a prediction about the suitability of the car (and its range) for potential buyers.

The process:

For the project we worked in co-creation with the design, development and data science team. As a first step we did a 3-day workshop to train the team in a minimum level profiency to take part in co-creating the gamified design, evaluate effectively and apply the design methodology to other projects they work on. In the second phase we worked together on creating a user journey map that, after evaluation by the management team was translated into a clickable prototype. While not all design features were adopted the majority of the conceptual design was approved and provided the design documentation for the development team. The app was re-released 5 months after.

Client's testimonial:

“It was great to work with Robin and we are very happy with the preliminary results in terms an increase of regular app use amongst users. Moreover his ability to explain the gamification design method and the tools provided in the workshop have embedded the use of gamification design in many other projects within the innovation centre.” – Project lead