Just Flow


What was the client's objective?

Madlogic was one of our earliest clients and is still an important partner of Just Flow. One of the projects with Madlogic, that we are particularly proud of, is Animo, a motivation self management tool that allows employees (and users) to explore, measure and improve different aspects of their motivation in relation to their work and work activities. Animo can also be used for user profiling and early stage user acceptance testing.

The process:

With Madlogic, we started with researching validated motivation measurement tools and translating these to a new measurement scale suitable for self-testing and interpretation. We then performed a validation test with a large sample group to determine model and construct validity (yes we did the science!). In the second phase, we build a excel based technical prototype which turned responses into profiles and coupled profiles to suggested actions for improvement. At the same time, we worked in co-creation with end clients to design a fun and engaging user experience and UI for the users. In the last phase, we continued to be involved as concept manager for the development phase of the web application.

Client's testimonial:

“Just Flow has in-depth knowledge about topics such as motivation and is impressively skilled in developing scientifically based models and algorithms. Their approach to the co-creation process was not only effective but also a lot of fun for all involved! Working with them has taken our the results of and enjoyment during the project to new heights, it’s been an inspiration for our other projects as well! We highly recommend Just Flow as a partner for innovative solutions!” – Roel van Kempen, Madlogic.